Lars Møller – Kala Ramnath – Jonas Johansen – Thor Madsen – Abhijit Banerjee – Photo: Sarit Dhabani

Jazz-inflected Ragas 
Raga-influenced jazz

Lars Møller, saxophone
Kala Ramnath, violin
Thor Madsen, guitar
Abhjit Banerjee, tablas
Jonas Johansen, drums

Formed by the Danish saxophonist and composer Lars Møller, RagaJazz unites internationally acclaimed musicians from the Indian classical music tradition and the jazz tradition in a unique dramatic, expressive and contemplative sound. The music of RagaJazz is inspired by the colorful, melodic ragas and intricate, intense rhythms of India, the architectural beauty of Scandinavian music, and the improvisational interplay of the contemporary American jazz tradition. RagaJazz is unique in its authentic and innovative approach to combining the depth and essence of jazz and Indian classical music.

The compositions and adaptations bear the personal and delicate touch of award-winning composer Lars Møller and include melodies from the classic Bollywood era like “Jhanak, Jhanak” and contributions by the other band members. Based in Mumbai, Kolkata, Copenhagen, New York and San Francisco, the members of RagaJazz represent a new generation of musicians with a global perspective and a creative approach to interaction between musical and cultural traditions. RagaJazz is dedicated to sharing this vision with present and new audiences across the world – through concerts, workshops, lectures – and with a special focus on schoolchildren.

Please go to www.ragajazzmusic.com for audio and video.


Abhijit Banerjee: tabla_abhijit@yahoo.com
Lars Møller: lmoller@post11.tele.dk